Welcome to Southern Motor Company, America's newest vehicle manufacturer. We make vehicles the way they were meant to be made classic and stylish with plenty of power. The all-new Southern 358 truly is the modern classic street rod.

Introducing The Southern 358
Modern engineering the latest methods and technologies skillfully applied by the leaders in the high-performance automotive design industry.

Classic design one look at the overall design and you'll agree. It's all new, yet it retains the pedigree of an age when pickups were really pickups powerful, brawny yet handsome and sleek.

And it's more than a street rod. Fully handcrafted all-steel body with stainless steel, and triple chrome where it matters most, a stunning clear-coated wood bed and an extraordinary paint job that's more art than auto all the stuff you'd expect from a six-figure rod-shop project. Yet, its all-new tubular ladder frame works in harmony with the latest suspension technology to give you ride and performance that's well beyond vintage.

We think you'll agree that this is simply the most beautiful production truck in the world. With all-steel Construction, the Southern 358 stands out from a world of backyard kit cars and mass-produced plastic.

A limited-production run is scheduled, beginning with the 2009 model year.

Peace Of Mind
There are plenty of one-offs and well-intentioned garage projects out there, but the Southern 358 is the real thing a modern, classic American street rod. It's manufactured in South Carolina, and it's fully backed by a three-year, 36,000-mile new-vehicle limited warranty. You can see why we say it's unique.

Proven, Quality Components
A premium American street rod shouldn't have a plastic body or parts made by the lowest-cost supplier. All body panels on the Southern 358 are stamped steel, and almost every component is made in the U.S.A. A big savings could have been realized by making the stamping dies in China. But we wanted to use the best tool makers and stampers available, and they happen to be located here in the U.S. of A.

More examples? We could have purchased a cheaper radiator from Taiwan and saved $125, but the all-aluminum radiator in the Southern 358 is a higher-quality component made in the USA. We could also have sourced our wheels from the Far East and realized a significant cost savings. But that's not the Southern Motor Company way. Instead, we chose classic Cragar S/S wheels as our standard. And the chassis is tubular steel, and is fitted with four-wheel disc brakes and power rack-and-pinion steering.

The real inconvenience of specialized, limited-production vehicles is service. Any problem with such a vehicle usually means driving (or being towed) to the nearest large city, paying outrageous prices and waiting weeks or months for parts.

The Southern 358, on the other hand, can be serviced close to your home by hundreds of dealers throughout the U.S. We have chosen the most reliable and serviceable components to reduce your chances of problems. The drivetrain, brake system, electric motors, switches, pumps, fuel system, wiring harnesses and a host of other components are extremely reliable and well stocked at most dealers. Now you can own a limited-production street rod with incredible service.

We dare say that there's not a single niche vehicle out there that has such easy serviceability. And if you want more power, the aftermarket is loaded with possibilities that will bolt right on.

What's In It. What's Not
Check out the interior of the Southern 358. You won't find all the superfluous accessories that clutter up most mass-produced vehicles there's no heated steering wheel, memory seats, power mirrors, navigation system or digital clock (is there something wrong with a real clock?). No, we have a much purer vision of the modern classic street rod.

If you want to adjust the outside mirror, you can move it by hand. Control the high beams? The button is on the floor, where it should be. Of course we provide all the essentials: Power windows and seats, air conditioning, and an AM/FM/CD player ... and even cupholders. More than anything, we've designed the Southern 358 to maximize your involvement with driving ... and enjoying ... your vehicle.

Making It Yours
The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for the Southern 358 is $68,000. Production is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2009. The first year's production will be very limited. We plan on ramping up to approximately 200 vehicles in 2009. Each vehicle will get the TLC it deserves before it leaves our South Carolina production facilities. For more information about acquiring this American dream, call us at (864) 843-0988.

The modern classic automobile.